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NCECA promotes and improves the ceramic arts through education, community-building, research and creative inspiration, offering programs, events and publications to support  the field and communities in which we work. NCECA’s broad interests are shaped by artists, students, individual and corporate patrons, gallery owners, museum curators, and providers of ceramic arts-related products and services. As a dynamic, member-driven organization, NCECA is flexible in its program development, international in its perspective and responsive to the changing needs of its constituency.

Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans

This is an amazing resource for ceramic artisans of all ages and levels of skill. Topics ranging from kilns and glaze information to professional practices and employment preparation. 

Art Axis

"The mission of Artaxis is to provide a peer-reviewed source of contemporary artwork in ceramics and sculpture. Utilized as a resource by instructors, students, gallerists, curators, the general public, and contemporary artists, strives to promote and enrich the field, while functioning as a direct and unobtrusive conduit between viewer and artist." (About)

Access Ceramics

AccessCeramics is a growing collection of contemporary ceramics images by recognized artists enhancing ceramics education worldwide.

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